Im So Excited…

Hey Guys, Georgia here,

I’m so excited to finally share some great news with you all. My Lil G’s NFT collection is going to be launching VERY soon👀

Me and my amazing team at OnFireNft have been working so hard on this since the end of last year.

I can’t wait for you to come on this NFT journey with me and I hope you love the collection just as much as I do! ✨

Unlike many NFT drops I decided that I wanted to reveal my collection before the actual drop goes live!

I love the Lil G’s so much I just want to share them with you guys sooner rather than later.

You can see a small selection of the Lil G’s here on the homepage.

Me and the team have also been planning out my Lil BiG Society where owners of a Lil G will get access to some amazing NFT tips and offers.

The guys I’ve been working with are crushing it with NFTs and they will be sharing everything they know to Lil BiG Society Members…

And remember you will get unlimited access to the Lil BiG Society once you own your first Lil G NFT.

So, get ready to connect your wallet and grab your first Lil G NFT when we announce the launch.

If you are new to NFT’s be sure to check out these helpful “how to” guides that my team have created for you.

You guys have a great week!

Love Georgia x