See you in the Metaverse!

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great and looking forward to a great weekend.

I’m crazy excited that we are in the final stages of the preparations to go live with my Lil G’s.

If you haven’t already, please make sure you register for the “early-bird” prelaunch notifications!

That way you will be the first to know when the Drop is going to go live.

I know a lot of you have been asking what NFT’s even are! I was exactly the same just a few months ago, and I’ve come so far in my understanding of the whole NFT Space.

Because of that I asked my team to create some helpful tutorials for you guys showing you what you need to do in order to get yourself a Lil G.

So, make sure you click the “New to Nfts” tab and check out the “how to” stuff we put in there for you!

It gets better because owning a Lil G will give you access to my Lil BiG Society. This is a private club where me and the team will be helping everyone grow your knowledge about NFTs.

You’ll also be able to get early access and discounts to other NFT collections that my team are involved with. And trust me the one we have coming up next will be huge.

Anyway, back to my Lil G’s and hopefully you guys who buy one will love the Lil BiG Society!