Hey guys, hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday Weekend!

Just a Lil update about what me and the team have in mind for all “soon to be” owners of my Lil G’s…

Once we go live with this amazing Drop, all buyers of a Lil G NFT will receive access to my Lil BiG Society.

So, firstly if you are new to NFTs, you’ll have access to some amazing “easy to understand” resources to help you understand how the World of NFTs works and, more importantly, how to become active in the NFT space.

My aim, together with my dev team, is to make the collection stand out on secondary markets which would give first time buyers a chance to list and sell their NFT’s on marketplaces such as Opensea.

As a member of the Lil BiG Society owners will get access to hot tips on which upcoming NFT Collections will be worth watching as well as the ones that the Lil G team feel are absolute “winners” …

You’ll also get “early-bird” access to my future NFT Collections as well as significant discounts off the public price.

Most of all you will have access to a fast-track understanding into the World of NFT’s.

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you register for the Prelaunch notifications.